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K-water is top level total water service company.


트위터 페이스북
  • With its own advanced smart water management practices & technologies, K-water has faithfully been doing its part as a government-owned water management corporation which provides IWRM services all across the national water industry, and further leads the global water industry.

  • Integrated Water Resource Management

    Realizes the one-stop water management of dams & rivers with the IWRM system Safety management for hydraulic structures

    • Integrated water management center
    • Operation of Weir/stream/Estuary barrage /dam
    • Survey & management of water resource information
    • Safety management for facilities
  • Plays a leading role in water management for central 
										& municipal governments Introduces IWRM practices
  • Healthy Water Supply

    Supplies healthy water with the intelligent water management system

    • Regional Water Supply & Distribution Networks
    • Municipal & provincial water supply & distribution networks
    • Customized industrial water
    • Wastewater works
  • Manages water from water sources to end users
  • Waterfront Development Projects

    Develops environment-friendly cities along waterfronts

    • Waterfront cities
    • High-tech industrial complexes
  • Develops environmentfriendly leisure space along waterfronts
  • Clean Energy Projects

    Leads the energy industry by developing new & renewable energy with water

    • Hydropower
    • Tidal Power
    • Floating Solar Power
  • Produces environmentfriendly energy from water
  • Overseas Projects

    Provides the world with total water solutions involving in the whole process of water cycle

  • Global Network