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Water Safety Services

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K-water implements integrated water resources management of basins by engaging in entire water circulation processes in which it efficiently uses and manages rainwater flowing into basins and rivers. Based on rich water management experiences gained over 50 years, K-WaterK-water has continued to grow and is becoming a global leader in smart water management technology, incorporating ICT into water management decision-making processes.

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    Examination, Management, and Analysis of Water Information

    K-water is the only professional agency in Korea with the capacity to examine entire water resources (from examination of floodgates, basins, underground water, and others). Comprehensive water information collected in realtime is supplied to Korean citizens through the ICT-based realtime water information system (RHDAPS) and national water-related portal systems. It is also used to facilitate national water resource policy decision-making and identify new projects.

    • Collecting and analyzing information on floodgates in realtime

    • Examining and managing information on basins, rivers, and underground water

    • Implementing basic examination and management of customized water resources

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    Prediction and Operation of Water Management

    K-water has continued to develop technology for accurate precipitation prediction and decision-making, which aims to efficiently manage water resources in not-so-ideal water management conditions in Korea such as extreme flooding accompanied by storms, frequent abnormal droughts, and large precipitation differentials across regions and seasons. Diverse technologies are packaged to offer customized water management solutions to the clients of K-water.

    • Realtime data analysis and decision-making

    • Precipitation prediction, flooding management, water supply

    • Water quality management, development, and operation

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    Maintenance and Safe Management of Water Resource Facilities

    K-water implements flood control promotion programs such as creation of spillways, which help strengthen safety of water resources facilities and protect them from diverse risk elements like abnormal precipitation, earthquakes, and facility aging. K-water has also introduced an ICT-based integrated water resource safety management system capable of measuring dam gauges in real time as well as dam risk analysis and assessment tools. In this way, K-water manages facilities systemically centered on prevention, adding trust to the safety of water resources.

    • Integrated safety management system of water resource facilities

    • Analysis and assessment of dam risk

    • Promotion of flood control capacity and improvement of the functions of aged dams

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    Management of the Water Quality of Basins, Rivers, and Reservoirs

    K-water focuses on minimizing the impact on water quality changes on the ecosystem, using the realtime water quality prediction and monitoring system (SURIAN) that links weather, basin, dam, and river models to ensure healthy maintenance of the water ecosystem for coexistence of humans and nature. K-water also uses diverse water ecology restoration technologies for the sustainable development of water resource facilities and promotion of their effective value.

    • Integrated water quality prediction system of basins and rivers

    • Realtime pollution monitoring

    • Water ecosystem restoration technology

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    Water Quality Management of Water Intake Sources

    K-water developed a prediction system that can monitor occurrences of odors from algae for preventative water quality safety and management. K-water operates a realtime measurement system for odor-producing substances such as algae and an online measurement system for poisonous algae, building a firm basis to counter abnormal water quality in water intake sources preemptively.

  • Daecheong Dam
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    Optimization of the Water Treatment System

    K-water operates water safety management technology and a water treatment process diagnosis program to strengthen its healthy water production system, which its clients can trust. Using new-concept vertical-type water treatment technology, K-water has dispersed water treatment facilities near its clients, working hard to introduce a future-oriented water supply system.

    Global Water Safety Plan (WSP)

    A global water safety management tool developed and applied by K-water that diagnoses hazardous elements capable of threating the safety of water from water sources to faucet water and that befits Korean conditions

    Vertical-Type Water Treatment and Dispersed Water Supply System

    A safe, future-oriented water supply system that is based on a new-concept water treatment design technology with compact vertical structures and that helps disperse water treatment facilities near its clients and secure emergency water

  • Seongnam Water Treatment Plant
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    Intelligent Operation of Water Network

    Using advanced ICT technology, K-water created the water operation system that collects and monitor remote-controlled realtime operation data on all water supply processes from water sources to faucet water. Collected information is analyzed through an intelligent water network operation system for efficient management of water amount and quality as well as of energies. The system helps K-water supply water without stoppages and provide healthy water through the establishment of rational facility improvement ideas.

  • Intelligent Operation of Water Network
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    Customized Industrial Water

    K-water supplies industrial water stably through development of optimal water treatment technologies and efficient operation and management of facilities. This helps K-water reduce production costs and helps companies improve their competitiveness through integration with metropolitan water supply networks.

  • Customized Industrial Water
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    Efficient Operation of Sewage Treatment

    K-water offers safe water quality management of water sources by building and operating sewage systems in the upstream of dams in order to improve living conditions of citizens (improved water quality in rivers and sanitations). It produces a water circulation system that produces clean water stably. This involves large-size sewage projects such as those led by private investors.

  • Busan Dongbu Sewage Treatment Plant