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Water Safety Services

트위터 페이스북

Water Safety Services

Business Direction

Safe, Clean River Basin Management

  • Prepare systematic responses to climate change and dramatically reduce damages by providing preemptive measures to mitigate floods and droughts in disaster-prone areas
  • Strengthen water environment accountability and roles through the development of an upstream model to improve the water quality, and invest in measures to treat contaminants of river basins by taking steps beyond water quality control
  • Focus investment on the safety of deteriorating dams and on a response system for potential earthquakes instead of the construction of government-led dams
    ※ Small and medium dams are to be built based on river basin governance
  • Strengthen the accountability and role in the sewage sector by linking streams with sewage systems in terms of water circulation management (water quality, urban flooding, etc.)

Strategic Tasks and Performance Goals (2023)

  • 1
    Build national lands that are safe from flooding
    • Support the establishment of flood control systems at the local government (municipal) level (21 locations)
    • Reduce approx. 60% of damages from floods (KRW 6.8 trillion → KRW 3 trillion/year)
  • 2
    Integrated management for the entire cycle of drought
    • Support region-specific measures to prevent droughts (10 locations)
    • Reduce approx. 70% of emergency water supply (120,000 persons →30,000 persons/year)
  • 3
    Improve the water environment around dams, and in streams and rivers
    • Attain 86% of the water quality target set by MOE(Ia) (41.5→86%)
    • Enhance the soundness of the water environment and aquatic ecology (25 projects)
    • Achieve a minimum Safety Grade of “B” for river and stream ecology soundness set by MOE
  • 4
    Reinforce the safety of facilities
    • Ensure zero accidents at all dams operated by K-water
    • Obtain a Safety Grade of “B” or higher for 90.6% for all dams set by MOE
  • 5
    Improve the sewage management system
    • Support policy-making to establish a national sewage plan
    • Manage upstream dams (3 locations) and repair deteriorating facilities (4 locations)
  • 6
    Capacity building for responding to climate change
    • Develop technology for adaptation to climate change (9 projects)
    • Assess the vulnerability of facilities to climate change and set up management plans (31 locations)
  • 7
    Establish an integrated water management system to enhance the efficiency and reliability of operations in a river basin
    • Participate in the establishment of water management plans (15 locations)
Safe Water Services