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Water Sharing Services

Business Direction

Enhance water security and supply clean water for all

  • Strengthen water supply services by enhancing water security and integrating existing facilities (dams and reservoirs), and develop alternative water sources to expand the water quantity capacity
    • Reuse of water as the main source of the water supply and integrated water management from planning to construction and supply
  • Increase the stability and efficiency of the water supply by developing an IWRM system for each basin such as the integration of metropolitan and local water supply systems (planning, facilities, and organization, etc.)
    • Establish water supply facilities using existing water supply sources, and increase the investment to enhance water supply safety
    • Careful consideration for establishing new facilities and preparing new business models for modernization
  • Increase investment in vulnerable areas and reduce gaps in water quality, quantity, and price
  • Introduce cutting-edge technology and smart water management (SWM) to improve water quality and provide a safe water supply through indoor water supply pipe management

Strategic Tasks and Performance Goals (2023)

  • 1
    Optimize existing facilities and develop alternative water resources
    • Hydroelectric dams: 880 million ㎥/year
    • Alternative water resources (reuse): 54 million ㎥/year
  • 2
    Predict water demand to ensure efficient water supply management
    • Establish and operate a national water demand/supply forecast center
    • Execute 54 water supply modernization projects
  • 3
    Ensure stable water supply by establishing a supply system for each river basin
    • Modify the water supply system in vulnerable areas: 370 million ㎥/year
    • Integrate water operations and management between metropolitan cities and regions (23 local governments)
  • 4
    Increase the reliability of drinking water through the improvement of water quality
    • Achieve an introduction rate of 62% for advanced water purification and treatment facilities
    • Providing services(458,000 homes) for testing the quality of household tap water.
    • Achieve a safe water supply rate of 100%
  • 5
    Reduce gaps in access to the water supply for vulnerable areas
    • Supply water to areas (14,000 persons) where water is not supplied
    • Construct underground water storage sites on islands: supply 0.23 million㎥/year
    • Reach a social consensus on a nationwide water price
  • 6
    Resolve issues related to water being supplied from rivers
    • Make a plan to supply clean water from the Nakdong River and settle any disputes
    • Secure 181,000 ㎥/day of water from the Seomjin River
Water Sharing Services