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K-water is top level total water service company.
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Service Drection

트위터 페이스북

Water Convergence Services

Business Direction

Convergence Service Expansion with Water, Energy, and City

  • Restore the health of river ecosystems and create new value in waterside areas
  • Build an eco-friendly city in terms of the ecosystem and water circulation on waterside projects
    • Participate in the “Water Circulation City” project of the Ministry of Environment based on K-water’s expertise in urban development

      ※ Consignment agreement to implement the Andong Water Circulation City project in June 2018, with construction set to start in 2019

  • Increase eco-friendliness and public support in Floating Photovoltaic energy and hydrothermal energy
  • Strengthen the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises and create jobs through the promotion of water technology and the water industry
  • Promote the exportation of technology as an overseas business, and make investments based on strict risk management

Strategic Tasks and Performance Goals (2023)

  • 1
    Restore the health of river ecosystems and create sustainable waterside spaces
    • Develop an ecosystem service index and evaluation system
    • Restore the ecosystem and promote ecotourism (5 cases)
  • 2
    Develop eco-friendly water circulation cities
    • Complete smart city pilot projects
    • Complete the Andong water circulation city project and implement new projects (4 cases)
  • 3
    Develop clean water energy
    • Develop hydrothermal and floating photovoltaic energy (1,036MW) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by eliminating 1,569 tons of CO2
  • 4
    Innovate the water industry by supporting small and medium enterprises
    • Revenue from small and medium venture enterprises : KRW 346.2 billion
    • Create 13,000 jobs
    • Create 70,000 jobs if investment projects are included
  • 5
    Strengthen the operation of overseas businesses
    • Revenue from Overseas PPP project : KRW 332.2 billion
  • 6
    Promote water for human welfare in Korea
    • Conduct a joint investigation on transboundary rivers in South and North Korea and establish floodgate observation facilities (35 locations)
    • Provide humanitarian support for small scale water supply and sewage systems (160 cases)
  • 7
    Create new values through research and information
    • Survey of water quality and quantity (149 locations)
    • Develop practical water management technologies based on Big data (21 cases)
Water Convergence Services