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K-water is top level total water service company.
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Clean Energy Projects

트위터 페이스북

K-water produces 18% (1,345MW) of the nation'new renewable energies (7,420MW as of 2015) with its efforts starting in 1973 through Soyanggang Dam' water power, tidal power at Sihwaho Lake in 2011, and water power in 2012 through the Four River Project. In the case of water power, it produces 61% (1,074MW) of the nation' water power (1,771MW).

  • 18% of the Nation' New Renewable Energies (7,420MW) and 61% of the Nation' Water Power (1,771MW)

  • No. 1 Corporation in the Nation' Renewable energy Producing 1,345MW

  • Contributing to Stable Production of Electricity in Korea with the Production of 1,753GWh of New and Renewable Energies in 2015