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Prevention of Water Disasters

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In Korea, over two-thirds of precipitation occurs during the flooding season. Along with this, rapidly changing river water flow makes it important to hold and release water through dams. To create the value of water, even in changing water management conditions such as abnormal climate in recent years, K-water uses advanced technologies for the integrated operation of water management facilities. K-water continues to make strong efforts to improve credibility of the water supply through the establishment of a water supply system that reflects the water circulation system.

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  • Dam and Reservoir Operation and Management Business


    K-water does its utmost to create a stable supply of clean water through the construction and operation of 20 multi-purpose dams and the management of 17 reservoirs and 58 dams and reservoir facilities including the Nakdong River Estuary Barrage.

    Overview of Contracted-Out Services for Local Governments
    K-water offers high quality faucet water services to governments across Korea.
    Overview of Contracted-Out Services for Local Governments
    Div. Name
    20 multi-purpose dams Gunwi Dam, Gimcheon Buhang Dam, Namgang Dam,
    Daecheong Dam, Miryang Dam, Boryeong Dam,
    Bohyeonsan Dam, Buan Dam, Seomjin River Dam,
    Seongdeok Dam, Soyang River Dam, Jangheung Dam,
    Juam Dam, Andong Dam, Yeongju Dam, Yongdam Dam,
    Imha Dam, Chungju Dam, Hapcheon Dam,
    and Heongseong Dam
    5 flood control dams Gunnam Flood Control Reservoir,
    Damyang Flood Control Reservoir, Peace Dam,
    Hantan River Dam, and Hwasun
    Flood Control Reservoir
    14 industrial water dams Gampo Dam, Gwnagdong Dam, Gucheon Dam, Dalbang Dam,
    Daegok Dam, Daeam Dam, Sayeon Dam, Seonam Dam,
    Suoe Dam, Angye Dam, Yeoncho Dam, Yeongcheon Dam,
    Unmun Dam, and Pyeonglim Dam
    17 reservoirs Gangjeong Goryeong Reservoir,
    Gangcheon Reservoir, Gongju Reservoir, Gumi Reservoir, Nakdan Reservoir, Danyang Reservoir, Dalseong Reservoir, Baekje Reservoir, Sangju Reservoir, Sejong Reservoir, Seungchon Reservoir,
    Yeoju Reservoir, Ipo Reservoir, Juksan Reservoir,
    Changnyeong Haman Reservoir, Chilgok Reservoir,
    Hapceon Changnyeong Reservoir
    Others Ara Waterway, and Nakdong River Estuary Barrage
  • Multi-regional and Industrial Water Supply Systems


    K-water has established 48 multi-regional and industrial water supply facilities that can supply 17.56 million tons of water a day and supply tap water to 22.23 million people and 112 major cities and industrial complexes nationwide with 41 purification plants and a pipeline network spanning 1,265km. (48% of the national tap water supply)
    K-water established an ICT-based water management system based on its water supply infrastructure construction, management know-how and global water management capacity. We are doing our utmost to securely supply clean and safe tap water.

    Operation and Construction of Multi-regional and Industrial Water supply systems
    K-water supplies faucet water to 112 cities and industrial parks through 48 multi-regional and industrial water supply systems, capable of supplying 17,560,000 tons of water per day. Based on vast infrastructures and waterworks operation and construction knowhow gained over years of experiences, K-water boasts world-class water quality management capabilities. Establishing the water operation system integrated with advanced ICT technology, K-water makes strong efforts to stably supply clean, safe faucet water to Korean citizens.
    Operation and Construction of Multi-regional and Industrial Water supply systems
    Projects Facility
    (1,000 ㎥
    Water Sources
    (1,000 ㎥/Day)
    Management Facilities Length
    Dams Rivers Total Dams Water
    (48 Facilities)
    17,559.4 13,498.9 4,060.5 168 14 24 41 89 5,265
    Multi-regional Water
    Supply Systems
    (35 Facilities)
    13,859.9 12,606.9 1,259.0 133 7 15 33 78 4,149
    Industrial Water
    Supply Systems
    (13 Facilities)
    3,693.5 892.0 2,801.5 35 7 9 8 11 1,116
  • Local Water Supply Services Efficiency Projects


    Based on the capacity accumulated for more than 40 years, K-water provides total solutions for local waterworks systems. Starting from Nonsan in 2004, we have made consignment agreements with 23 local governments, with the most recent being Cheongsong which joined in 2017.

    Overview of Contracted-Out Services for Local Governments
    K-water offers high quality faucet water services to governments across Korea.
    Overview of Contracted-Out Services for Local Governments
    Gyeonggi-do Chungcheong-do Jeolla-do Gyeongsang-do
    Gwangju, Dongducheon,
    Yangju, and Paju
    Geumsan, Nonsan, Danyang,
    Seosan, and Cheonan
    Naju, Wando, Jangheung,
    Jeongeup, Jindo, and
    Geoje, Goryeong, Goseong,
    Bonghwa, Sacheon, Yecheon,
    Tongyeong, and Cheongsong
  • Customized Industrial Water Supply Projects


    K-water provides customized industrial water of diverse water quality according to customer needs including Hyundai Steel (Dangjin), Hanhwa Total, Hyundai Oil Bank, Lotte Chemicals, LG Chemicals and KCC (Daesan) and seven major corporations in Ulsan including Hyundai Motors. We are making our utmost effort to become Korea’s first supplier of customized industrial water through the development of a high-efficiency, low-cost water treatment process and best operation/management technology.

    Types and Uses of Industrial Water
    K-water produces and supplies industrial water to Hyundai Steel in Dangjin and five major companies in the Daesan Industrial Park, Seosan (Samsung Total, Hyundai Oilbank, Lotte Chemical Corporation, LG Chem, and KCC).
    Types and Uses of Industrial Water
    Projects Facility Capacity Business Methods Project Period Status
    Hyundai Steel Water
    Supply Operation
    (reverse osmosis
    industrial water
    May 2009 ~
    Dec. 2023
    (14 years and
    8 months)
    - Agreement Date:
    Feb. 9, 2009
    - Operation Date:
    May 1, 2009
    Daesan Customized &
    Integrated Industrial Water
    Supply Project
    119,000 ㎥/Day
    (reverse osmosis
    Customized industrial water supply Aug. 2012 ~
    Aug. 2037
    (25 years)
    - Agreement Date:
    Jan. 19, 2010
    - Operation Date:
    Aug. 22, 2012
    Hyundai Motors Ulsan
    Factory Industrial Water
    Investment and Operation
    (Inclination plate
    Investment·operation Jan. 17 ~ Dec. 2036
    (20 years)
    - Agreement signed on
    Nov. 5th, 2014
    - Operation started on
    Jan. 1st, 2017
    Hyundai Motors Ulsan
    Factory Industrial Water
    Operation and
    Management Project
    8,000㎥/ day
    (Advanced treatment)
    Consigned operation Jan. 2018 ~
    Dec. 2037
    (20 years)
    - Agreement signed on
    Dec. 26th, 2017
    - Operation started on
    Jan. 1st, 2018

    Dangjin Hyundai Steel Plumbing System Operation/Management Project

    Customer-customized stable supply of industrial water through the management and operation of the Hyundai Steel Plumbing System in connection with a multi-regional waterworks (K-water’s first industrial water supply project).

    Daesan Integrated Supply of Customized Industrial Water

    Integrated supply of high-efficiency, low-cost industrial water to increase customer satisfaction and generate new growth driving force businesses.

    Ulsan Hyundai Motors Customized Industrial Water Supply

    Facility improvement and responsible management and operation to address Hyundai Motor’s complaints regarding old water treatment facilities and poor water quality during the summer season.
  • Sewage Treatment Projects


    K-water constructed and operates 59 water treatment facilities in 12 localities nationwide to improve people’s residential environment including improving the water quality of rivers and public health. We contribute to the improvement of efficiency and substantial benefits to the localities by expanding integrated dam upstream waterworks operation businesses and carrying out facility management and operation businesses in the multi-regional water supply areas.

    Construction and Operation of Sewers
    K-water is managing or constructing 59 basic environmental facilities in twelve local governments in Korea.

    Management Status

    Construction and Operation of Sewers
    Facility Capacity (㎥/Day) Management Facilities (Number)
    Total Sewage Treatment Facilities Small Facilities Excretions and Sanitation Treatment Livestock Excretions Recycling
    1,249,675 52 18 23 3 3 5

    Construction Status

    Construction Status
    Facility Name Facility Facility Capacity Project Period
    Total 7 176,980㎥/Day -
    Cheongsong-gun Juwangsan 1 620㎥/Day '15~'19
    Budong 1 250㎥/Day '15~'19
    Sinchon 1 110㎥/Day '16~'18
    Maintenance of sewage pipe in Andeok-myeon 1 - '16~'19
    Hwaseong City Songsan Green City 1 84.000㎥/Day '10~'18
    Busan City Eco Delta City 1 41,000㎥/Day '14~'19
    Gumi City High Tech Valley 1 51,000㎥/Day '12~'18