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K-water Prevents Tap Water Leakage with Yeongdeok-gun.

K-water Prevents Tap Water Leakage with Yeongdeok-gun.

On February 21, K-water opened the Yeongdeok Waterworks Modernization Office, announcing the launching of the local waterworks modernization project in the region. The project aims to increase the accounted water rate in the project area from 55.9% in 2018 to 85% in 2022 to stably supply safe tap water to area residents. From this year to 2022, K-water is modernizing the waterworks of Yeongdeok by computerizing the pipe network, building a block system and maintenance system, and repairing aged water pipes. It is expected that the modernization project will lower the cost of maintaining and managing the local waterworks as well as tap water production costs.

Registration Date: 2018-02-22

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