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Seminar with Algal Bloom Experts.

Seminar with Algal Bloom Experts.

On July 31, K-water held a seminar with algal bloom experts at the head office in Daejeon in order to seek “plans of response to algal blooming from a comprehensive perspective” by considering both the water quantity and quality. At the seminar, around 100 experts from academic circles and water management-related organizations discussed algal bloom studies conducted in Korea and abroad, analyzed the trends of algal bloom control, and shared their response cases. K-water and Korea Rural Community Corporation shared their algal bloom studies and response status. K-water CEO Lee Hak-su said, “We will do our best to prepare effective algal bloom control plans and preemptively respond to the algal bloom problems by cooperating with experts in each field.”

Registration Date: 2018-08-01

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