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Modernization of Local Waterworks with 9 Local Governments

Modernization of Local Waterworks with 9 Local Governments

In order to provide safe tap water and to build a virtuous circulation of the water service business, K-water has decided to promote the ‘Waterworks Modernization Project.’ This project investigates and repairs old waterworks in order to reduce the number of water leakages, and is being jointly conducted by 9 local governments. The cities, which have started the project with the opening of their modernization establishments, are as follows: Buyeo-gun in Chungnam and Uiseong-gun in Gyeongbuk in January; as well as Hamyang-gun in Gyeongnam, Shinan-gun in Jeonnam, Jangsu-sun in Jeonbuk and Hoengseong-gun in Gangwon-do in February. When completed, the revenue water ratio in these areas will reach 85%, enabling a stable supply of healthy tap water.

Registration Date: 2017-04-03

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