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K-water News Letter 2018-No.116 number, subject, letter number, date
K-water News Letter 2018-No.116
2018-No.116 2018-05-02

K-water NEWSLETTER water for the happier world Issue 116 K-water Monthly Magazine Seeking Optimal Water Management for Vietnam, a Southeast Asian Powerhouse with the spirit of mutual prosperity and cooperation According to KOTRA data, Korea is the second largest trading partner of Vietnam as of the first half of 2017. Vietnam has poor infrastructure conditions that ranked 79 out of 104 countries, while demand for transportation, water infrastructure and renewable energy is growing rapidly. On the other hand, the country’s water treatment technology and equipment that are falling behind have caused severe water pollution. There is a desperate need for countermeasures to solve this problem. K-water NEWS K-water, rolling up our sleeves to support small and medium enterprises in the water industry K-water NEWS K-water, ‘Best Workplaces in Asia’ award 2 years in a row K-water NEWS The K-water Social Value Committee kicks off! CULTURE & LIFE Getting in the spring mood with a cup of floral tea CULTURE & LIFE Let’s get moving outdoors! Nice days for outdoor recreation K-Water’s Webzine Listens to Your Ideas and Opinions in Readers’ Voices Please share your opinions about the magazine Water, Nature, and Humankind via webzine ( A random drawing will be held for those who leave an opinion and contact information for the “Readers’ Voices” section, with winners receiving a small gift K-Water Querencia Photo Contest Sannaedeul Auto Campground on the Gimcheon Buhang Dam Submit your photo to K-Water’s webzine Querencia for the Photo of the Month Contest! Deadline: 20thofeachmonth

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