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K-water News Letter 2018-No.125 number, subject, letter number, date
K-water News Letter 2018-No.125
2018-No.125 2018-07-02

K-water NEWSLETTER water for the happier world Issue 125 K-water Monthly Magazine Wisdom of Ancient Koreans Reflected in Living and Water Use History Symbolic Meanings of Water in Korean Traditional Seasonal Customs Water is often referred to as “the source of life”. All living things in the world, humans and microorganisms alike, cannot survive without water. Given that 70% of the human body is composed of water, this expression sounds very convincing. Ancient Koreans valued water and regarded it as medicine, holding it sacred. Korean folk faith in pure water (jeongsu) well represents how ancient Koreans divinized clean and clear water. During ancient times when there were not many water facilities and contaminated water often caused the outbreak of epidemics, the Korean people tried to keep water clean, as the most basic element of life, by sanctifying it. All villagers participated in the management of the source of water that they used together to keep it clean and sacred. CULTURE & LIFE Easy ways to drink more water everyday! CULTURE & LIFE The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Schedule and Groups CULTURE & LIFE Let’s find out how to prevent hepatitis A virus! K-water’s Webzine Listens to Your Ideas and Opinions in “Readers’ Voices” Please share your opinions about the magazine Water, Nature, and Humankind via webzine ( A random drawing will be held for those who leave an opinion and contact information for the “Readers’ Voices” section, with winners receiving a small gift. K-water Querencia Photo Contest Daejeon Daecheong Dam Geumgang River LOHAS Eco-park Submit your photo to K-water’s webzine Querencia for the Photo of the Month Contest! Deadline: 20th of each month

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