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K-water News Letter 2018-No.150 number, subject, letter number, date
K-water News Letter 2018-No.150
2018-No.150 2018-12-24

K-water NEWSLETTER Issue 150 Water Management Unification, opening a new era of water with all. K-water Monthly Magazine The Development of filtration technology and changes in the perception of tap water The World's Eyes on the Tap Water Quality Control in Korea It is only recently that humans started to drink and use filtered water, though it is taken for granted today. These days, water quality is controlled in a more and more thorough way following various standards set by each country, and related technologies are also continuously developing. Tap water is directly linked to the lives of humans, especially their life. This month's issue spotlights the origin of modern tap water supply system, the importance of water quality control, water quality ranking by country, and the improvement of the perception of tap water along with the latest water issues. K-water NEWS K-water joins hands with Busan Metropolitan City to build an integrated water management system for Nakdong estuary K-water NEWS K-water urgently re-inspects the safety systems for each type of water disaster K-water NEWS K-water concludes an agreement with Daegu Metropolitan City on an Environment Integration Festival CULTURE & LIFE Why warm water is good for you CULTURE & LIFE Learn about winter heating supplies K-water’s Webzine Listens to Your Ideas and Opinions in “Readers’ Voices” Please share your opinions about the magazine Water, Nature, and Humankind via webzine ( A random drawing will be held for those who leave an opinion and contact information for the “Readers’ Voices” section, with winners receiving a small gift. K-water Querencia Photo Contest Night view of Dolsandaegyo Bridge in Yeosu, Jeollanam-do Submit your photo to K-water’s webzine Querencia for the Photo of the Month Contest! Deadline: 20th of each month

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