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Green Management Principles

K-water is keenly aware of the need for the utmost effort for sustainable development in harmony with nature for more pleasant and better-to-live-in environment. In this vein, therefore, K-water as a corporation specializing in water, the origin of life, announces the following green management principles in order to be reborn as a green corporation loved and trusted by people.

To take the lead in preserving clean water, clean air and healthy natural environment.

To predict the effects of water resources development and management on the environment and consistently pursue the preservation of the eco-system, prevention of pollution and environmental improvements in order to make sure that our activities are in harmony with environmental preservation.

To establish sound consumption culture of saving recycling supplies and energy and always be alert against environmental destruction out of carelessness.

To accommodate people’s opinions as much as possible in making environmental related plans and promote trust and transparency of our business by opening related information and materials.

To bear the primary obligation of preventing environmental pollution in advance, make efforts to settle problems in case pollutions take place, and bear in mind that words put into practice are the fundamentals of corporate ethics.

To constantly offer employees environmental training and focus on research and development for environmental preservation and improvement to ensure that our activities for the environmental suit codes of ethics.

All the employees of K-water hereby declare that we do our utmost efforts to guarantee that future generations will live in a pleasant environment by putting the principles into practice.