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K-water is top level total water service company.


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Sharing Healthy Water

  • Full of Happiness Water Projects

    K-water focuses on realizing water welfare for citizens by improving their substantive quality of living. This starts with improvement of water use environment (faucet water and kitchens) in low-income residents and welfare facilities.

  • Global Water Change

    Using its expertise, K-water has implemented drinking water improvement and residential support programs in countries around the world including Cambodia, Mongol, the Philippines, and Laos every year since 2006. Local residents have enjoyed clean water supply, and their children have begun to have dreams and hope thanks to K-water’s social contribution programs. K-water will continue to actively participate in global social contribution programs as the messenger of clean water to the world.

  • Clear water sharing activities

    K-water makes strong efforts to bring clean drinking water to elementary and middle schools in farm areas where residents use underground water. In addition, K-water works hard to supply clean water stably to islands and mountainous areas using desalinized seawater and low level of water welfare.

Support of Local Communities

  • Sharing Love Medical Volunteer Projects

    Since 2009, K-water has implemented diverse medical volunteer projects across areas near dams where medical support is lacking compared with urban areas, promoting the health of residents living there. Targeting senior residents, women of multicultural families, and the disabled, these project involve dental, obstetrical support, oriental medicine, rehabilitation, and internal medicine support that residents need the most.

  • Customized Programs for Each Household

    K-water is pursuing customized programs for each household through communication with local residents intended to improve their quality of living near dams.

    Silver Generation (Love Parents Sharing): bringing benefits to senior welfare through the operation of the Love Parents Welfare Centers (8), “Visiting Mobile Welfare Centers,” and “Senior Colleges”

    Youth and Middle-Aged Generation (Job Sharing): creating jobs through the active support of local social enterprises, household and nursing help, housing maintenance, and multicultural families

    Future Generation (Scholarship Program): support of scholarships to children of residents relocated due to dams as well as those of low-income families and support of educational equipment and supplies to local educational institutions

  • Specialized Programs by Each Headquarters

    K-water is pursing diverse activities by each headquarters. This starts with identifying activities suitable to each community K-WaterK-water serves. The Water Love Sharing Club of K-WaterK-water, an onsite division, is responsible for implementing such activities.

    * clean river projects, support of local students’ IT certificate obtainment, examination of free water quality tests for local residents, support of multicultural families and more

Realizing the Hope of the Future

  • Hope Mentoring

    Local college students and K-water employees are implementing diverse mentoring programs to bring hope for the future to students from low-income facilities through learning improvement support. Students and college students are matched through the program, and learning and living counseling services help students grow into talented individuals in the future.

    * 20 high school students in Daejeon, 20 KAIST students, and 7 K-water employees in 2014

  • Youth Water Education

    K-water is implementing Water Dream Camps, water-related educational donation, so that students learn about the important value of water and obtain knowledge and information about water. They provide elementary and middle school students with fun and creative science classes as well as those on the theory of water. Students also visit the Water Culture Centers and other eco-friendly facilities. Based on the high satisfaction of participating students, K-water will continue to operate the camps, contributing to promoting talented, creative individuals for the future.

  • Support of Learning for Students Residing in Dam Areas

    K-water is supporting the learning of students residing in dam areas. The support includes educational programs to resolve the educational divide compared with urban areas, scholarships and lunch support, learning equipment, and books.