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K-water is top level total water service company.

K-water SNS

트위터 페이스북

Information target system

system tree

Management information service

Information portal system (OASIS)

  • Supporting information management such as e-approval and information management service.
  • Supporting direct access to official information system.
  • Supporting various Community Tools such as e-conference and forum.

Financial affairs information integration system.

  • Integrating 9 sections of financial affairs including Auditing, capital, budgeting, assets, etc.
  • Making fund-providing service into a bundle service with e-finance at the head office.

Personnel affairs · pay system

  • Operating system for the whole section based on competition and computerized performance evaluation systems.
  • Using on-line engagement system via the internet.

Education information system

  • Operating cyber training center which delivers education, student management and evaluations via the internet.
  • Operating Competence Reinforcement Program (CRP) in order to support employee’s job duties.

Research information system

  • Research plan report supervising, research accomplishment evaluation supervising in order to research and manage systemically.
  • Managing actual result of research utilization and of technical support.

Business information service

Water management system.

  • Acquiring Real time data from flood forecasting/alerting facilities through satellite communication.
  • Create and save as flood gate data(storage, inflowing) required for reservoir operation
  • Managing floodgates at multipurpose dams country-wide synthetically.

Waterworks information system.

  • Integrated management system about managing and operating the wide range and industrial waterworks facilities related to the basic plan of National Geographical Information System (NGIS)
  • - Building 1/1,000 scale basic topographical map wide range waterworks GIS D/B

Waterworks facility operation system

  • Separate waterworks establishment at the corporate level (wide range waterworks, industrial waterworks, local waterworks and agricultural waterworks) into 12 sections and operate them linked with each other.
  • - Integrated operation center SCADA
  • - Build water operation programs (forecasting demands, controlling the water supply / intake pumps, analyzing of the pipe networks)

Development operation system

  • Build HOCC in order to maximize the development effects according to the water resource management by water management system(water utilization, water controlling etc.) and reformation of power industry structure.
  • - Building GIOS for whole the country.
  • - Modernize the unit RDAC

Construction Management System (CMS)

  • Each business subject shares all types of information accruing in the construction business through an internet network and also supports the construction business.
  • Building a standard classification system for construction information concerning dams, waterworks, and plant facilities.
  • Building an e-document management system based on XML
  • Building an integrated construction management system through integrating and linking the formal info-system and automating
    construction processes, and operate it in conjunction with the National Construction CALS in 2005.

Information service for the people

K-water homepage (

  • Playing a role of both side communication way of corporation and people including corporation P.R, civil application handling in public, and people’s suggestion.
  • Providing various information services related to water resources such as real time dam floodgate images, dam floodgate data, water quality data, water information/education for children, and water stories, etc.

National Groundwater Information Center (

  • National Groundwater Information DB
  • - Well information(the whole wells in Korea about 1.46 million wells)
  • - National Groundwater Monitoring Network(361), Groundwater Quality Measuring Network(2,457), Secondary Groundwater Monitoring Network(1,281), Seawater Intrusion Monitoring Network(115)
  • - Hydrogeologic map(87 districts, 1/50,000)
  • Providing service for Groundwater information
  • - Groundwater data(well location, well facility, specification, use type)
  • - Groundwater monitoring data(level, temperature, EC)