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Starting with participation in the Fenhe River Project in 1994, K-water has completed 76 projects in 30 countries through project capacity and diversification efforts, expanding its global reach. Currently, K-water is implementing 11 projects in nine countries (KRW 2,420 trillion) as part of its efforts to diversify project portfolios through participation in investment projects. These projects include the Patrind Water Power BOT Project in Pakistan, Angat Water Power Project in the Philippines, Nenskra Water Power Project in Georgia, and Bulacan Waterworks Project in the Philippines.

Ongoing Projects:11 projects in 9 countries (KRW 2,420 trillion)

Investment Projects (4)

  • 01


    Patrind Hydro Power Project

    • Project Period: 2012~2047
    • Total budget: 500.0 billion KRW
    • Capacity: 150MW (50MW×3 Units)
    • Project phase: Commercial generation began (Nov. 8, 2017)
  • 02

    The Philippines

    Acquisition of Angat Water Power Project

    • Project Period: 2014 ~ 2039
    • Total budget: 550.0 billion KRW
    • Description: Operating power generation facility, etc. (218MW)
    • Project phase: Commercial generation in operation
  • 03


    Nenskra hydro power generation

    • Project Period: 2015 ~ 2056
    • Total budget: 1.1350 trillion KRW
    • Capacity: 280MW
    • Project phase: preceding construction including ramp
  • 04

    The Philippines

    Bulacan Waterworks Project

    • Project Period: 2016 ~ 2046
    • Total budget: 200.0 billion KRW
    • Description: Technological advice for waterworks
    • Project phase: Providing technical advice and completed financial contracts and shareholder agreement

PM Projects (2)

  • 05

    Equatorial Guinea

    Purification center operation, management project (3 project sites including Mongomo,
    Ebebiyin and Evinayong)

    • Project Period: May 2016 ~ May 2019
    • Total budget: 15.2 billion KRW
    • Project type: waterworks facilities in operation
  • 06


    Hasang hydro power generation PMC Project

    • Project Period: March,2014 ~ March 2022
    • Total budget: 2.8 billion KRW
    • Project type: executive supervision and control

ODA Projects (5)

  • 07


    DowntreeDam Development Project PMC

    • Project Period: Jan. 2016 ~ Apr. 2021
    • Total budget: 4.4 billion KRW
    • Project type: PMC
  • 08


    SalathaonDam Development Project PMC

    • Project Period: Oct. 2015 ~ Apr. 2019
    • Total budget: 2.7 billion KRW
    • Project type: PMC
  • 09


    South Asia SWM Technical Support Project

    • Project Period: Jan. 2016 ~ Dec. 2019
    • Total budget: 1.5 billion KRW
    • Project type: Technical support
  • 10


    Nam Ngum River Integrated Water Managemet

    • Project Period: Dec. 2016 ~ Dec. 2018
    • Total budget: 2.9 billion KRW
    • Project type: establishment of a master plan
  • 11


    ICT-based water resource information (MP) and pilot project (PC)

    • Project Period: Dec 2017 ~ Dec. 2020
    • Total budget: 5.8 billion KRW
    • Project type: establishment of a master plan

Completed Projects (76 Projects in 30 Countries / KRW 99.29 billion)

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Current Projects

  • 아프리카 [이미지]

    76[Mozambique and Morocco] Establishment of water resource management projects and provision of project management services (2016~2018)

    • Purpose

      Establish a masterplan to solve water problems in two African countries to mitigate the effects of climate change and manage projects

    • Project details

      Mozambique established a masterplan for national water resources management
      Morocco established a masterplan for Sebou River flood prevention

  • 칠레 [이미지]

    75[Chile] City of Talca Efficient Waterworks Operation Project (2016~2017)

    • Purpose

      Improve the water flow rate in the City of Talca and promote K-water technology across major cities in Central America

    • Project details

      Established a DMA system and provided technical consulting including management of water flow rate

  • 태국 [이미지]

    74[Thailand] Water resource development in Chao Phraya River Region (2016~2017)

    • Purpose

      Increase the water supply capacity in the Chao Phraya river area through water transfer among regions (Salawin, Maeklong, Passak River area, etc.)

    • Project details

      General water resource analysis in the Chao Phraya area, review of alternatives for additional water supply, preliminary feasibility survey on priority projects

  • 솔로몬제도 [이미지]

    73[Solomon Islands] Fiu River hydroelectric project (2016~2017)

    • Purpose

      ADB conducted a survey of five regions in the Solomon Islands for hydroelectric power generation, Supply electricity through Fiu River hydroelectric power generation in the Auki Region

    • Project details

      Fiu River Hydroelectric power generation project design and inspection in the Solomon Islands

  • 태국 [이미지]

    72(Thailand) F/S to increase water supply in Bhumibol Dam (2016~2017)

    • Purpose

      Increase the water supply capacity in the Chao Phraya Region through regional transfer in Salawin in the northwest Thailand

    • Project details

      Feasibility test of measures for regional transfer (YuamRoute - 62km, Moi Route - 21km) * K-water conducted a three-dimensional mathematical analysis

  • 인도네시아 [이미지]

    71[Indonesia] Nusa Tenggara water resources master plan (2017)

    • Purpose

      conduct a survey on the current status of water resources for areas that need water resource management and development in priority and establish a master plan

    • Project details

      Basic data investigation, water resources analysis, investment plan development, etc.

  • 보츠와 나 [이미지]

    70[Botswana] Master plan for national water resources management (2017)

    • Purpose

      Apply advanced water management technology (integrated water management, etc.), establish a master plan for mid-and longer-term water resources management

    • Project details

      Field survey and establishment of a water resources master plan, technical education, etc.

  • 인도네시아 [이미지]

    69[Indonesia] Denpasar SWM Preliminary feasibility survey (2016)

    • Purpose

      Prepare for the increase in the water demands in Denpasar (Bali), develop a plan to expand the water supply rate gradually and establish management operation infrastructure

    • Project details

      Set up a SWM project plan through field investigation and facility analysis

  • 인도네시아 [이미지]

    68[Indonesia] Drainage System Improvement in Palembang PMC (2014∼2016)

    • Purpose

      Establish a master plan for drainage system improvements to address frequent flooding issues in Palembang City, Sumatra, Indonesia and conduct a feasibility survey as part of a KOICA overseas aid project

    • Project details

      Provide technical advice to establish a master plan for all 19 drainage areas (400㎢) across Palembang City, conduct a feasibility survey on drainage areas and establish a basic planning system

  • 67[Indonesia] Capital Area Coastal Development Planning Survey Contract (2015-2016)

    • Purpose

      A project adapting to flooding and ground subsidence problems in the capital city, Jakarta, and nearby cities (Tangerang and Bekasi) and improve the global, capital city

    • Project Details

      Establishing defense policies to long-term flooding from the coast and rivers and promoting socio-economic development following Indonesia’s economic plan MP3EI

  • 66[Uzbekistan] Integrated Water Resources Management Academy Cooperation Project (2015-2016)

    • Purpose

      Technological cooperation and capacity building to establish a water management system intended to resolve water shortage problems in Uzbekistan

    • Project Details

      Planning and research regarding technological dissemination and application to improve irrigation canals and integrated water resource management centered on basins

  • 65[Indonesia] Sulawesi Water Resource Master Plan Establishment (2015-2016)

    • Purpose

      Comprehensive analysis of flood control and water use in the Sulawesi region in the south of Indonesia

    • Project Details

      Establishing a water resource development master plan in the Sulawesi region in the south of Indonesia

  • 64[Laos] Oudomxay Xay District Drinking Water Supply Project PMC (2013-2016)

    • Purpose

      Supplying safe water to target residents for 24 hours a day through the establishment of waterworks facilities in Xay District, Oudomxay, Laos

    • Project Details

      Supporting project management from facility design to project announcement, project bidding, and implementer selection

  • 63[Rwanda] Nyagarreta Water Resource Development FS & PMC (2013-2016)

    • Purpose

      Securing water resources following increased demands for water in northeastern Rwanda, supplying drinking water to the Nyagarreta region, and securing clean energies through water power

    • Project Details

      Feasibility study, implementation design supervision, and education of local residents

  • 62[Laos] Mekong River Basic Flood Control M/P Establishment (2015-2016)

    • Purpose

      Comprehensive analysis of basic information and flood control around the Mekong River and its basins within Laos

    • Project Details

      Establishing a master plan based on flood control information regarding the Mekong River