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K-water is top level total water service company.
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We provide industrial water service which supplies water with various qualities that satisfies the demand of companies.

Industrial Water Business

K-water is leading the water market of next generation and actively participating in industrial water market, a high value added business, to secure the competitiveness of advanced water processing technology with recent opening of water market and expansion in industrial market participation of multinational companies.

We are stably supplying industrial water of 301,000m2 per day through 『Hyundai Steel Plumbing Facility Operation & Management Business (182,000m2/day, 2009)』 and 『Daesan Custom-made Integrated Industrial Water Supply Business (119,000m2/day, 2012)』 with 5 chemical factors located in Daesan Yimhae Industrial Complex as its target.

Based on water supply experience accumulated for a long period of time and nationwide water and sewage operation & management network, we are continuously doing our best to develop optimal water processing method and ultra pure technology and provide custom-made total solution for water supply secured of optimal water quality and quantity.

What is industrial water?
- Definition : It is common use industrial water such as raw water supplied to company which is used after reprocessing to fit the purpose of each company
- Use : Cooling water, boiler water, ultra pure water, water with other purposes, etc.

Type and Use of Industrial Water

Substance for Removal

Substance for Removal

Section RO water Pure Water Ultra Pure Water
Non-resistance 0.1MQcm or less 0.1MQcm or higher 10MQcm or higher
Procedure Multiple filtration tower, Activated carbon absorption, RO membrane Ion exchange, CO2 deaeration Deaeration of dissolved oxygen, ultra-filtration
Use Steel, Petrochemistry Power generation, Automobile, Wood pulp Semiconductor, Display, Pharmaceutical
Company Hyundai Steel, 5 companies in Daesan, Yeosu Chemicals Wongwang Nuclear Energy, Hyundai Motors, Donghae Pulp Samsung Semiconductor, Hynix Semiconductor, LG Display

* Non-resistance: Electricity resistance per unit area and unit length

Current status of industrial water operation business

K-water is producing and supplying industrial water for Hyundaisteel in Dangjin-si and 5 companies in Daesan (Samsung Corporation, Hyundai Oilbank, Lotte Chemicals, LG Chemicals, KCC)


Data Item Details
General Status Introduction

Stable supply of customer-oriented industrial water with Hyundai Steel plumbing facility operation & management in connection with local water supply (initial industrial water business of K-water)

Water Source Asan sediment water (# Asan purification plant, Water source: lake Asan)
Facility Capacity 182,000m2/day (phase 1: 136,000m2/day, phase 2: 46,000m2/day)
Business Method Operation consignment business (Possessed by: Hyundai, Operated by: K-water)
Water Processing Procedure Asan sediment water -> Pre-processing (AMF) -> 1st and 2nd reverse osmosis
Business Period ’09.5.1~’23.12.31 (14 yr 8 mon)
Business Location Dangjin Steelworks of Hyundai Steel, Dangjin-si, Chungnam
History · (’09.2.9) Conclusion of contract for 『Hyundai Steel Plumbing Facility Operation & Management Business』
· (’09.5.1) Start of consignment operation for stage 1 plumbing facility(136,000m2/day)
· (’12.12.21) Change in operation contract (including the increase in stage 2: 136,000m2/day -> 182,000m2/day)
· (’13.1) Start of increased operation in stage 2


Data Item Details
General Status Introduction

Increase in customer satisfaction and creati.on of new growth power business with integrated supply of high quality and low cost industrial water to Daesan Yimhae Industrial Complex

Water Source Asan sediment water (# Asan purification plant, Water source: lake Asan)
Facility Capacity Industrial water 119,000m2/day (reverse osmosis), Water water 11,000mx/day
Business Method Industrial water supply business (construction & operation with its own investment)
Water Processing Procedure Industrial Water Asan sediment water→Pre-processing (AMF)→1st and 2nd reverse osmosis
Business Period Waste Water SBR reaction tank (dehydration, sludge take out)
Business Location ’12.8 ~ ’37.8 (25 yr)
Introduction Dangjin Steelworks tof Hyundai Steel, Dangjin-si, Chungnam Target Company Hyundai Oilbank, KCC, Samsung Corporation, Lotte Chemicals, LG Chemicals
History · (’09.1.19) Conclusion of enforcement agreement (K-water↔5 companies in Daesan↔Seosan-si)
· (’11.1.13) Start of construction
· (’12.10.17) Completion of construction (’12.8.21 Start of water supply)