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K-water is top level total water service company.

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Outline of Current Projects

  • K-water will always be there anywhere someone needs its world class technology on water management. 
  • K-water will always be there anywhere you can see water development projects underway in the world.
  • K-water will always be there as a powerful engine to make the world’s dream come true.
  • K-water will always be there anywhere someone needs its advanced water management technologies in the world.

Since the survey of the Fen he River in Shanxi Province in China in 1994, which is the first international project ever implemented by K-water, K-water has accumulated its own expertise, technologies, public trusts and global networks in the water industry. Based on such achievements and know-how, it has continued its efforts to provide a total water solution over the whole process of water cycle for the world, and ultimately enrich the world with water. K-water is ready to take a great leap forward the world leading company with its so-far achievements and reputation in global market.

Status of major overseas projects

K-water’s integrated water management projects can be found all over the world it has built dams and HEPPs(hydroelectric power plans), and has proceeded with other many projects around the world for the development & operation of water supply infrastructure for beneficiary countries to improve their people’s quality life, which, in turn, will be the driving engine for their respective industrial development.

Pakistan : Hydraulic power Generation in Patrind - Facility Capacity 150MW Total Business Expense 436 milllion dollars 
	                     	ㆍConstruction working complete (2016. 12) ㆍCommercial generation open (2017. 1~) / Philippines : Takeover of Hydraulic
							Power Generation Facility in Angat - Facility Capacity 218MW Total Business Expense 469 billion won ㆍCommercial generation open (2014. 11~)/
							Philippines : Water supply business in Philippines Bulacan - Facility Capacity 388㎥/day Total Business Expense 170 million dollars 
							ㆍConstruction working open (2016. 9~) / Georgia : Hydraulic power generation in Nenskra - Facility Capacity 280MW Total Business Expense 950 million dollars
						    ㆍSelection as prionity Agreement Target (2015. 8)

    • Pakistan Patrind HEPP BOT Project
    • Installed capacity : 150MW
    • Project costs : USD 436 million
    • Project period : 34 years (December 2012 to January 2047)
      -Four years for construction and 30 years for operation and maintenance
    • Location : AJ&K, Pakistan
    • Current Status : Commercial Operation to be launched (within 1st half of this year)
  • Pakistan Patrind HEPP BOT Project
    • (Philippine) Angat HPP Project in the Philippines (M&A
    • Installed capacity : 218 MW
    • Project costs : USD 469 million
    • Project period : 50 years (November 2014 to October 2064)
    • Location: Bulacan, the Philippines
    • November 2014, Commercial operation launched
    • Current Status : The facility is operated and managed
  • Angat HEPP Project in the Philippines (M&A)
    • (Georgia) Nenskra HPP Project (BOT)
    • Installed capacity : 280MW
    • Project costs : USD 950 million
    • Oct. 2015 : Ground Breaking Ceremony
    • Current Status : Negotiating Financial Closing
  • Water supply business in Equatorial Guinea
    • Bulacan, Philippines Waterworks Project
    • Installed capacity : 388㎡/Day
    • Project costs : USD 170 million
    • Jan. 2016 : Concession Agreement signed
    • Current Status : Negotiating Model of Project
  • Consulting on NRW Reduction in Water Supply Infrastructure in Yanji
  • SWMI projects in Iran, Chile, and Algeria (currently underway)
    • Started a new water market in Iran

      Started a new water market in Iran

    • Constructed an integrated dam management system project in Algeria

      Constructed an integrated dam management system project in Algeria

    • Improved SWM revenue water ratio business in Chile

      Improved SWM revenue water ratio business in Chile