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K-water is top level total water service company.

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K-water News Letter 2018-No.124 number, subject, letter number, date
K-water News Letter 2018-No.124
2018-No.124 2018-06-25

K-water NEWSLETTER water for the happier world Issue 124 K-water Monthly Magazine Developing K-water through communication Citizens Communication Platform Falling like spring rain ‘Danbi Tok Tok’ The new communication platform for citizens to directly participate in, ‘Danbi Tok Tok’ has just opened. Danbi Tok Tok is collecting various opinions from citizens about the reflection of policy on citizens’ main water management enterprise, and working as a two-way communication window for service development. K-water NEWS K-water, For an improved atmosphere, Taking the lead as an Environmental Energy Center CULTURE & LIFE Green kernel black bean milk effectiveness and the various ways of utilization CULTURE & LIFE Natural detergent, How should I be using it? CULTURE & LIFE Simply delicious, How to make a Ham & Cheese Roll Sandwich K-water’s Webzine Listens to Your Ideas and Opinions in “Readers’ Voices” Please share your opinions about the magazine Water, Nature, and Humankind via webzine ( A random drawing will be held for those who leave an opinion and contact information for the “Readers’ Voices” section, with winners receiving a small gift. Gifts to be passed out to those attending the Danbitoktok Event Duration : June 8, 2018 (Fri) - June 29, 2018 (Fri) Announcement : July 4, 2018 (Wed) Gift : Special Prize- BBQ Golden olive chicken half/half + 1.25L Coke (20 winners), Attendees- Starbucks Ice Americano Tall Size (200 winners) K-water Querencia Photo Contest Daejeon Daecheong Dam Geumgang River LOHAS Eco-park Submit your photo to K-water’s webzine Querencia for the Photo of the Month Contest! Deadline: 20th of each month

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