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K-water News Letter 2019-No.153 number, subject, letter number, date
K-water News Letter 2019-No.153
2019-No.153 2019-01-14

K-water NEWSLETTER Issue 153 Water Management Unification, opening a new era of water with all. K-water Monthly Magazine Oslo Where Nature and Humans Coexist A Transformation into an Eco-Friendly Art City Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Finland and Norway. These Nordic countries are generally perceived as desirable places to live, with a clean environment and highly developed welfare systems. But the image of a pleasant and livable country was never obtained without effort. How could Oslo, the capital of Norway, famous for Edward Munch, fjords and the Nobel Peace Prize, be reborn as an eco-friendly city? K-water NEWS K-water promises to begin water management unification this year K-water NEWS Trip to Chungju Dam with Bang-uri CULTURE & LIFE How to reduce your heating bills CULTURE & LIFE Hangover Remedies Goodbye Hangover! K-water’s Webzine Listens to Your Ideas and Opinions in “Readers’ Voices” Please share your opinions about the magazine Water, Nature, and Humankind via webzine ( A random drawing will be held for those who leave an opinion and contact information for the “Readers’ Voices” section, with winners receiving a small gift. K-water Querencia Photo Contest Bomun Lake, Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do Province Submit your photo to K-water’s webzine Querencia for the Photo of the Month Contest! Deadline: 20th of each month

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