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K-water is top level total water service company.
HOMESustainabilitySmart Response to Climate Change

Smart Response to Climate Change

트위터 페이스북
  • The total GHG (GreenHouse Gas) emission from K-water’s worksites in 2014 is 624,660 ton CO2 which is reduced by 1% against the previous year. K-water emitted GHG less by 0.04 ton CO2 against the previous year for creating KRW one billion of sales. It means that K-water managed its businesses in more GHG emission-efficient manner.
  • Most of GHG emitted from K-water’s business cycle is by the electricity use for running pumps to transport tap water, while there was no recorded biological GHG emission. In order to reduce GHG emissions, K-water is making diverse efforts to increase energy efficiency, which include monitoring of the energy amount consumed over its business cycle and developing of energy saving measures and technologies customized to each facility and process. As a result, K-water achieved its GHG emission reduction goal assigned by the Korean government for three consecutive years (2012~14). K-water’s efforts also led to the achievement of global certification on GHG emissions reduction performance from CTS (Carbon Trust Standards in UK) in 2014, which is one of the most reputable and reliable certification programs in the world.

Realization of sustainable growth by strengthening the capacities for climate change