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K-water is top level total water service company.


트위터 페이스북

K-water’s greenhouse gas emission amount was 646,559 tons in 2015, an increase by 3% compared with the previous year. The exceeded amount was replaced by added allotment with the government’s approval. As a result, its 2015 emission amount was below the approved amount by the government with the excess amount calculated as “0 tons CO2.”

Most greenhouse gases emitted by K-water result from the use of electricity for operating pumps to transfer faucet water. As population increase leads to increased demand for faucet water, greenhouse gas emission will increase as well. However, K-water is making diverse efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emission. These efforts are devoted to improving energy efficiency and using new renewable energies: monitoring of energy amount used in K-water’s facilities, establishment of policies to reduce energies by customization tailored to facility and process needs, use of water heat energy, and development of floating solar power generation technology.