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K-water is top level total water service company.
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Sustainability Report

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2016 Report

  • K-water published the 2016 Sustainability Report (Issue 11) to communicate with its stakeholders about how we practice the corporate sustainability. This report has the corporate performances that K-water propelled last year, which considers a balance with economic performance, environmental soundness and social responsibility.
  • We endeavored to provide accurate and reliable information about K-water business management, by writing the report in accordance with the "core" option of the GRI(Global Reporting Initiative) G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. This, the 2016 report centered material issues that our customers were most interested in, and gained a 3rd party’s assurance about the reliability of its contents from the Korea Productivity Center.
  • You can download a PDF file of K-water’s most recent Sustainability Report by clicking the download link below.
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