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K-water is top level total water service company.
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Social Contribution Activities

트위터 페이스북

Service Sharing Filial Piety

Run Hyonanum Welfare Center

K-water established the Filial Duty Welfare Center (Hyonanum Welfare Center) to improve the welfare of seniors residing in areas nearby dams by providing lifestyle based welfare services related to culture, medical needs and housework. The centers provide services, such as physical therapy and free meals with resident social works and physical therapists as well as senior protection and housework services for seniors with difficulty moving. As of 2013, a total of 8 centers are in operation.

Provide care services

  • Care services are business that helps old people, low-income families and disabled people, etc. in dam area to contribute life and mind and body rest by cleaning up, washing and nursing.
  • Especially, care services expect win-win effectiveness such as care service supply and job sharing by hiring residents in dam area.

Medical volunteer Sarang-naneum

  • K-water has entered into an agreement with the Korea Open Doctors Society, a medical service specialty organization, since 2009 and implemented ‘K-water Love-Sharing Medical Volunteer Services’ to place efforts to promote health for residents in dam areas where medical services are limited and citizens are vulnerable.
  • After implementing on 2-dam areas in 2009 as a pilot basis, Hoeng seong Dam, etc in 18 different areas in 2011, 19 different areas in 2012, 16 different areas in 2013. It has expanded and been implemented for 5,000 residents in 18 different dam areas in 2014.