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K-water is top level total water service company.


트위터 페이스북

Rights for All, Water Rights

K-water is realizing people’s water welfare by bridging the water service gap between cities and agricultural and fishing towns, developing alternative water sources and securing the stability of the water supply.

  • Realize Water Equality

    Realize Water Equality

    K-water creates a stable supply of clean water for agricultural and fishing villages vulnerable to drought and poor water quality and realizes efficient water management systems by improving old local waterworks facilities.

  • Address regional water shortages

    Address regional water shortages

    K-water develops alternative water resources customized to local demands such as seawater, freshwater, and groundwater dams to address regional water shortage issues caused by geographical features and severe drought.

  • Stable water supply

    Stable water supply

    K-water guarantees people’s right to have a stable supply of clean water by securing stable management facilities and improving operation efficiency.

2022 Road Map for a Happier Korea with Water - Rights for All, Water Rights