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K-water is top level total water service company.


트위터 페이스북

Acting Clean·Responsible Management

K-water solidifies its foundation to realize social values and gain people’s trust through ethical management with self-control and responsibility to meet people’s expectations.

  • 윤리경영 및 투명성 강화

    Ethical management and improved transparency

    K-water establishes a foundation for a clean corporate culture based on an institutional foundation for transparent and clean management to fulfill people’s expectations.

  • 인권 보호 및 노동권 존중

    Protect human rights and respect labor rights

    Along with the advancement of a personnel complaint settlement system, K-water creates a human rights-based work environment and a win-win corporate culture for both labor and management, where labor is respected.

  • 자율·책임경영을 위한 내부견제 및 자율통제

    Internal check and self-control for self-responsible management

    While enhancing independence and expertise in the responsible management and audit of each region, K-water expands internal checks and self-regulations for self-regulated and responsible management.

2022 Road Map for a Happier Korea with Water - Acting Clean·Responsible Management